10 Facebook Privacy Facts Mostly Misunderstood

Facebook is the only social network site which is famous for its constantly changing and adding up new features. Thus, making the privacy settings a disconcerting task for users. The solutions to the most common Facebook hang-ups are here:

Not all photos abide by your privacy policy

It’s also possible that some photos of yours are set to public even if you have chose to share your photos and albums too with your friends only which include former profile pictures and cover photos.

To check the privacy settings of these, go to your Albums page and open the related album to check the photos one-by-one. Then by clicking on the drop down menu beside them you can change the individual settings.


Comments are searchable

Comments on your own profile or a friend’s profile can be indexed by Graph Search. By navigating to your Activity Log, you can review your comments. Based on the icon that appears next to the comment, you can know whether it is publicly shared or not. If posted on a friend’s account you can’t change the setting but you can delete it by clicking on the pencil icon near the comment and then choose “Delete”.

 Profile will be visible in Facebook searches

Recently Facebook announced a setting, making all profiles searchable. We have to adjust our privacy settings now to see who can see what. Get started by using “View As” to check what information of yours is visible to whom. You can remove any information by visiting Activity Log. A Blanket privacy setting is another option by which you can control the privacy of past posts. By using this all posts will be changed to friends only. Go to privacy page to find this setting. First option—“Who can see my stuff?”, click “Limit Past Posts” to enable it.

Prevent unwanted friend requests

You can now control who can send you friend requests. First navigate to Privacy page. Below “Who can contact me?”,  you can find “Who can send you friend requests?” with options: “Everyone” and “Friends of friends”. To limit requests, change this to “Friends of friends”.

Hidden photos visible in searches

To review the photos which you have hidden in timeline but are still searchable, go to Activity Log and click on the drop-down menu next to “On timeline” to change it to hidden-only view.

Shared album creators control privacy settings

The Shared Photo Album is the most recent features of Facebook, which allows many people to upload images in one spot. The creator can only deal with the privacy settings of the photos uploaded. The creator can edit and delete photos whereas the contributors can make changes to their photos only.

Facebook apps may trigger problems

It’s always a good idea to review the list of apps which may grant access to your information and cause malware attacks and lead to privacy and security issues. Go to “Account Settings”, click on “Apps” and then remove the unwanted apps by clicking on “X” or modify the settings by clicking on the pencil icon which appears next to each app.

Privacy settings of location tags on photos are same

When you add a location tag to a photo, the privacy setting of the photo and that of the location are same and is inseparable. You have to view Activity Log and sort it by “Posts you’re tagged in”, to review your tag history. For changing the location or deleting the tag, click on the pencil icon.

Limit profile tags

You can review the photos in which your friends may tag you before they get posted in your profile. Navigate to Privacy settings page and select “Timeline and Tagging”. You can find an option to review posts that yours friends tag you in before it is visible in your timeline.

Request to remove unfavourable photos

Sometimes even after untagging yourself from an unflattering photo, the image is still there in Facebook. To remove it completely, Facebook allows you to make a request to take it down. Select the photo, click on “Options” and then select “Report/Remove Tag”. Click on “I want this photo removed from Facebook” by giving proper selected reason. Facebook will alert the owner about it.


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