Check Who Make You Unfriend From Facebook

We all know Facebook is one of the best Social Media sites that have taken the world by storm. It is mainly used by all age group people to post status, photos, comments, sharing, tagging, chatting etc. etc. But to do all these friends plays an important role and without friends you cannot imagine Facebook. If anyone sends you a friend request, you get a notification but you don’t get anything when someone Unfriend you. What if your dear friend or your loved one Unfriend you? Well in that case you can either send him/her a request again or if you don’t know the profile link then you are screwed because thousands of users exist with that name. Well in that case you in Facebook there is no options to know who unfriended you on Facebook. But it is possible to see who unfriended you on Facebook with my Tips. But these Tips and Tricks work for Google Chrome & Mozilla browsers only.


Steps To Find Who Unfriended You

  1. You have to first go to -> Unfriend Finder (click to use).
  2. After you click the above link it will take you to a Facebook App and you have to click Like and then Go To App and follow the instructions.

It is a technology in which a real time script is running all the time that enables you to know which one of your friends unfriended or removed you on Facebook. The simple logic is that it keeps a locale database of your friend list, and is compared at each refresh. The people who unfriended you are not present in the list and you will get to know easily who unfriended you with their name is the list. It will also tell you which friends have removed you, who have deactivated their accounts, who have declined your friend request.


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