How To Delete or Disable Facebook Timeline

Fed up of new Facebook Timeline? Want to get back the old Facebook look? Well In this tutorial post I will show you how to remove, delete or disable Facebook Timeline. Facebook timeline is the new avatar of Facebook.

The timeline lets you put wallpaper to be set as of cover photos to make a gallery view and to look more attractive for the visitors or your friends when they visit your Facebook Timeline profile.

Facebook timeline has created dimensions about what you been trying to do in Facebook within the years time period. There are periods what you done in social networking, but sometimes it really look odd to figure out what’s being when and what.

The figurative think of how to elaborate your appearance in walls and other posts are little fussy and so you feel to remove the timeline. There are certain things which really are like cover posts, creation of applications looks fussy in a single page, all set one next to each other. This makes you think how you can set all the things to appear in the Facebook in a clean manner.

So as such, how to remove, deactivate, delete or disable Facebook timeline can be done by the certain steps mentioned out below such as:

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Check out the Facebook application which had made your timeline appearance on the profile of yours.
  • Go to the Facebook Apps Developers page, and check out of which app you had inclined to your profile and that has made changes to your normal Facebook profile to new Facebook Timeline look.
  • After selecting the app, click on Edit Settings which are on the right top most view.
  • After the edit settings page you reached, go beneath left most and click on Delete App
  • A check box might appear which says permanently delete and click on yes.
  • Your application gets removed and you get back the previous default view of Facebook profile.


  1. scarlet says:

    now the Facebook has made it permanent that this timeline will be there for all the time.

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