How Facebook Get To Know Your Love Secrets [Infographic]

Facebook is one Social Media site that everyone loves on this planet and almost every other person has a personal account who shares his/her status, pics, day today going and every other possible thing that you could think of, because there is no end of thoughts. And in this new Technology world these days Social Media sites like Facebook are predicting how happy or sad you are in terms of your relationship. You can see status like single, in a relationship; break up, complicated relationship, married and other status on Facebook every other hour if you have thousands of friends. And guess what the young generation thought says, “It’s not official until it’s on Facebook”. All because if it is shared it is going to be seen by every other person of Facebook in a circle. So look out for this Infographic on How Facebook Get To Know Your Love Secrets.

I will brief a one strong point in the above Infographic; you can see how people do breakups on Fridays and Saturdays most of the times which is more likely to happen with the reason of people’s relationship status updates. So folks what would you conclude with your relationship? Do let us know in the comment section.

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