7 Wi-Fi Tweaks to Boost Your Speed

Wi-Fi is a wireless internet mode of data transfer from modem to PC, Mobile, Laptop and many other devices. Today Wi-Fi has become popular among many phone and laptop users. It is booming greatly with speed of growing technology. But, right now thing is when you buy new Wi-Fi it starts giving slow speed or not up to specified speed given by manufacturer. Here are 7 Wi-Fi Tweaks to Boost Your Speed.

Reposition Your Router

Basically router plays an important role in speeding up your internet connection to maximum range. Thing is that when you face a problem in connection you have re-position your router in correct place. Router works effective when it is placed in center of room. Try to avoid keeping router near outer side walls this will create low signal in your device.

Purchase a Wireless Signal Repeater

Wireless Signal Repeater is nothing but a device which is use to boost up your normal connection. All you have to do is you have connect this Wireless signal repeater between router and wireless device. This device mainly can be used in homely network to boost up your internet connection in your home for small usage purpose.

Install a New Antenna

As you all know from word “Antenna” which is use to transfer signal from one device to another. When router is not perfectly centered in your home all you need to do is you have replace with Antenna. The new Antenna which you use must be High-gain Antenna which will boost internet in all places of your home, So that you can use device without any interruption.

Use One Brand of Equipment

After doing all above tips then too your internet connection doesn’t boost up don’t worry, this tip is going to worth you a lot. When you don’t use the internet connection devices of same brand also your internet connection doesn’t boost up. The reason behind, is many equipment manufacturers pre-install enhancements in their products. This makes connection to boost up.

Reduce Frequency Interference

Here is next tip which I am going to discuss, which we normally ignore or unknown to us. In your home there will be many other wireless devices which will be running on same Frequency as Wi-Fi connection. The reason behind, is that due to same frequency their interference occurs which effects your speed highly. To overcome this interference of frequency, just change channel of transfer of data.

Check for Firmware or Driver Updates Regularly

This is simple and common well known tip that whenever your system or device gets new update they will function much better than before. Just go the manufactures web site and get updated your device with new feature, performance and fix issues you face during old version. Make sure that you have updated software to get well enhanced speed without any interruption in Speed.

Secure Your Wireless Network

This tip is most important and must be kept in mind when ever you connect to any kind of wireless device. Check whether your connection is totally secure from your neighbors or outside people. Keep your wireless with secure password and special kind of encryption which will prevent from accessing from other people.

 I am totally sure that these tips are going to worth you a lot. Have secure and best Internet connection which helps you during needful.

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