Where and When Do Most People Lose Their Mobile Phones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You must have lost your Mobile Phone once in a while. Well it’s common in youth generations who are so careless and never bother to look after their Mobile Phones. The common places where you could have lost your Mobile Phone are pizza place, back seat of a taxi, while running behind your dear friends to make a prank out of him, coffee shop, public travelling vehicles and all the other places that you could think of. You know it has become very common for me to see Facebook status of my friends, most of the times stating “Hey friends I just lost my Phone so please can you just send out the Phone number entries.” Lol eh? Well here is the Infographic given below which shows where and when do most people lose their Mobile Phones.

I hope you have enjoyed this Infographic and next time you will be real careful to handle your Mobile Phone and all the other latest Technology Gadgets that you carry around with you all the time.

Source [Mashable]

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