The Amazing Nokia PureView 808 Smartphone with 41 MP Camera

Nokia unveiled its jaw dropping 41 MP Smartphone at the MWC 2012 ( Mobile World Congress). Where you thinking of high defined clarity images like the ones you receive from high defined DLXRI and other featured cameras? Well Nokia has brought up its characteristics through it. Nokia PureView 808 is one of the newest Smartphones which have brought out 41 megapixel camera, and one of the highest visual images of 16:9 or 4:3 dimensioned ones.

The camera makes you zoom in for either 3x shot or when you try to click within the nearest angles, you can even zoom up to 6x shot. The processor comprised about 1.3 GHz in it, fastest through in mobiles and really makes you work fastest.

It makes you really amazed with the enthralling features it comprises of. The RAM is of 512MB and the internal storage comprises of 16 GB and you can extend it up to 32 GB if you want to.

The resolution screen is 360×640 and you can make up a good image dimension. You can make shots of 3x zoom and this with the resolution size makes it as a higher bright view of images. The brighter clear videos of HD quality can be easily played through and of the dimension of 4:3 or 16:9 view.

Specifications of Nokia PureView 808 Smartphone:

it has all the specifications that a Smartphone generally has but the other amazing featrue

  • Nokia PureView 808 has a 4 inch size display with Amoled Technology and amazing 41 MP Camera.
  • Consist of 512 RAM and internal storage memory of 16GB.
  • An awesome Dolby sound with great clarity of 5.1 and makes it as a higher sound ability.
  • 1080p videos are being easily played and this makes it up to a better clear version of the mobile in HD.
  • The 3xzoom and 6xzoom shots are being easily taken through these mobiles.
  •  Cost of Nokia PureView 808 Smartphone is around $600 (EUR 450).
  • Launch of Nokia PureView 808 Smartphone is likely to be in May 2012.

It almost seems like a professional camera comprising of a Smartphone in it with all the HD imaging and HD video recording. Wow Nokia PureView 808 Smartphone is one heck of a Smartphone.

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