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5 Ways to Rescue Your Crucial Social Media Data from Oblivion

In this rapid moving world you can almost find anyone using many of the Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and much more. The Social Media pace is moving with a lightning fast jus like a bolt of lightning and what ever you share  or Tweet it just get lost in few seconds. […]

How To Use The New Facebook Page Admin Panel

As you all know “Facebook” is becoming world number one Social Networking site for everyone to stay in touch. Facebook when released Timeline for pages, providing greater opportunity for other brands and a bigger opportunity to connect with audiences. Every day Facebook is trying new application in its site so user doesn’t get bored up […]

Tips on How To Boost Your Business With Pinterest

 It’s been a while you may have noticed all the huss and the fuss about Pinterest. Do you have any idea it can bring about the highest traffic to your Website or Blog if used wisely. Pinterest has brought diverse opportunities to improve business of all sizes. Pinterest is a photo sharing website and is […]

What Happens To Email And Social Networking Accounts After We Die?

Have you ever come across a thought that what will happen to your Email Accounts and Social Networking sites Accounts such as Facebook when you are no more? Really it’s a tough situation but there are certain processes you can have if you want someone else to precede with your accounts. Are you seriously thinking what […]

Hilarious! Facebook Blocks Indian Users for Using the Slang “Ch****”

This is one of the most funniest and hilarious post I am writing about. Yes you heard it right already the Social Networking tycoon Facebook blocks Indian users for using the slang “chu***”. Facebook literally blocked over thousands of Indian accounts for using the word “Ch****” in their name. According to The Times India report- […]

How To Delete or Disable Facebook Timeline

Fed up of new Facebook Timeline? Want to get back the old Facebook look? Well In this tutorial post I will show you how to remove, delete or disable Facebook Timeline. Facebook timeline is the new avatar of Facebook. The timeline lets you put wallpaper to be set as of cover photos to make a […]

How to Make Facebook Account Un-Hackable

Users daily use Social Networks as priority to share, add and also make lot of conversations worldwide. There are many Social Networking sites but daily they are being hacked and misused. These are leading into a bigger danger of how to protect and safeguard your Facebook ID. People are using lot of hacking Software available […]