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Google Overtakes Facebook in Employee Satisfaction [Infographic]

There is no need of any introduction to these two giants so called Google and Facebook. They are everywhere at present in almost every field you can think of. You must have had thoughts of working in your dream companies like Google and Facebook. See this Infographic given below if you are looking for a job in […]

A History of Hacktivism [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hacktivism is all over the place in this digital world. Most hacktivism-related crimes in history was recorded in the year 2011 and who knows it may hit another new record in this present year and the upcoming years. It has almost become impossible to stop these illegal activities which affects many as the current hackers […]

Google Search Result Algorithm Changes 1998-2012[Infographics]

Whatever you are looking on the web it is made easier with the Google Search. Google is the top Search Engine in the world and it comes up with its changes in the Search Algorithm which is 500-600 times every year. You may be thinking that’s a hell lot of changes but these are minor […]