How To Use Calculator Option In Microsoft Excel And Avoid Big Formulas

Having problems of using big formulae in Microsoft Excel Sheet? Want to know How To Use Calculator Option In Microsoft Excel And Avoid Big Formulas? Then follow this amazing tutorial just for you.

There are lots of formulae in the world of mathematics which we use within Microsoft Excel when creating balance sheets. You hope to create balance sheets, financial trades and other business works regarding through Excel in an easier manner. There are various formulae inbuilt within Excel options which you can use to manipulate within your trading business, and writing all of them makes you void of time pressure and time management. So in order to make things shorts, there are some manipulative orders which you can use within the Excel so as to make calculations easy and perfect. You can use calculator faster in a one way click, but bringing on the menu small bar of the Excel, you can do certain field options regarding within the software.

The procedures which you can make your calculator be within Excel in a faster manner, and can calculate it in ease is provided below as follows:

  1. Just go to Windows, within that go to program files as you do manually for other programs.
  2. Open the Microsoft Office folder where will you have all the office packs.
  3. Then switch your cursor upon the Microsoft Excel and run the software.
  4. As you switched on the Microsoft Excel Software, go to file.
  5. There you will have all options, go to the very last option written on the sidebar beneath about as Excel option
  6. On that Excel option, click on it which will you lead to all functions within Excel.
  7. There in the page you will get customize within it.
  8. Click on the customize label, which will lead to many options on the right hand side of it.
  9. There you will have certain options like calculate now, calculator, and other various functions which you would like to keep up within the system.
  10.   For calculation purposes choose the calculator module small icon and then do is click on add up.
  11. 11. As you click on add up, it adds this calculator options to be on the small bar on the right extreme of the bar, with other function icons.
  12. 12. This way now you just click on the calculator and access the calculations in a faster a great way.

So there are certain ways or modules which can make you be arranged to make your work done quickly and faster. Just need to go through certain shortcuts and reach to your work destiny in faster modes.


  1. Adrienne says:

    I’m not using excel like that anymore but that’s a cool trick to know . Thanks for sharing this and might have to bookmark this for another day! You just never know.

    Hope you have a great week.

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