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Top 5 Best Coolest Facebook Chat Tricks Ever

Wanna have some fun in Facebook chat? Well you can use many Facebook tricks that are really amazing and some you must be familiar with them too but I’m sure not all of you. So lets see top 5 best coolest Facebook chat tricks ever. 1. Wacky Toons and Symbol Codes for Facebook Chat Just go […]

Top 7 Best Coolest Google I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Were you think you’re getting bored while searching stuffs in Google and still wanted to have some fun, then Google really gives you a chance. Google googly makes you enact a little in a puzzled manner, but it depicts how to revolve in an interesting manner during searches. There are beautiful tricks which Google really […]

How To Hide Your LAN IP Address For Internet Security

If you want to secure your internet and LAN security then you must know how to hide your LAN IP address for internet security. Hackers have being more in today’s daily work, they think of knowing many addresses, links and they feel to hack and get there work done. Likewise, there are even keen to […]

How To Open Restricted Websites In Your Institute By Means Of Proxy

There are many institutions were the authorities are keen to block certain websites, WebPages and other links, so as to not make them watch wrong things and get particular information’s, but still the users try to move to different directions, they need some enjoyments and hence they think of approaching certain sites where they can […]

Top and Best 15 Websites for Live Video Chat With Strangers Online

Are you willing to Online Live Video Chat With Strangers? Then you have hit the right place and  here is a list of Top and Best 15 Websites that will allow you to Online Video Chat With Strangers on the Internet. Just click any of these sites and have the ultimate random chatting experience with strangers […]