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How To Install Siri on iPad, iPhone 4/3gs, iPod Touch With i4Siri Proxy

If you are looking for a Web Guide which tells you How to install Siri on your Smartphone or on an A4 device then you are on the correct place. The experience wouldn’t have been same on iPhone without Siri. There are various other Siri clones that you can find over Android and iOS market, but […]

How to Get Rid of Acne or Pimples

There is no need for me to define what Acne is. It is the most disgusting thing that could every happen to anyone. And most of the time it could found in teenagers aged between 14-19. So How to Get Rid of Acne? Just follow this Health guide and leave your tensions behind. Here we will […]

How To Increase Laptop Battery Performance

Bought a new Laptop and it doesn’t give you the kind of battery backup that you wished for? Well the fault is not in the Laptop that you bought. The fault is basically in you on how you manage it efficiently so that you can have enough batter backup. Read along this Gadget Guide on […]

How To Back Up Your Data In Case Your System is Under Virus Attack

Now a day’s attack of virus is common on all PC, even PC with Anti Virus also get Attacked by virus. To avoid virus attack in your system keep updating your Anti Virus.  Virus attack is very dangerous once it enters system it destroy all important files and data. In this situation only one remedy is possible, […]

How to Download YouTube Videos

Still in a maze on How To Download YouTube videos? People are daily using various portal sites to watch videos, but all various contents and movies aren’t found. The one of the major running portal sites presently is the YouTube, millions of viewers are engrossing through. Many people don’t have such high speed that they can […]

How To Quit Facebook Addiction

Facebook the ultimate and the most popular Social Media site that has taken the world by surprise. At the beginning you must have opened an account just to stay in touch with your friends on families. But as the time passed it must have become a disease for you to quit it. It just attracts […]

How to Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name

After the launch of Facebook Fan Pages the business world has got new heights in reaching to their customers. And since then there have been significant changes in the features it provide. But if you already have a fan page and thinking to makeover on its name then in this post which is How to […]