10 Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

In this world everyone does mistake, but one who accepts and understands own mistakes and works over it that person is only called successful person. Here we are discussing about mistake done by freelance writers, they are just starters of article writing.

Here I am going to discuss few common mistakes done by freelance writers when they write articles. After reading this article you might feel that those mistakes can easily be identified and kept in mind when you start any new article.

1. Not Providing Quality Content

To impress any reader you must have good quality content. To have best quality content, you need to keep in mind that article must give complete idea of topic.

To show your article that it is best, your article must answer question such as what? Why? When? Where? How? Who? You must write it in complete professional way to attract readers.


2. Not Including Images or Videos

Images and video are best way of bring out your idea of article to readers. So include images and video with keyword title so it is easy to find out topic.

3. Not Taking Care about Grammar, Paragraphs and Punctuation

Have clear idea of topic in your mind so when you write, it must be free from grammatical mistakes. Try to have paragraphs with three to four lines so that it is easy to read it. When you write any article try to have minimum punctuation so that idea must look clean and clear.

4. Not Including Byline

By including byline in your article it defines idea and product usefulness to great extent. Even by including byline freelance writer idea gets elaborated. So that readers would like more to read article.

5. Not Paying Attention to Factual Blunders and Typos

Check spelling mistake, check title name, see whether given URL is correct. This mistake can be avoided permanently when you have proper concentration while writing article.

6. Including Too Many Links in Your Post

Try to have less links in your article. See whether your links don’t divert mind of reader when they are searching for particular idea.

7. Using Too Many Italicized, Bold and Uppercase Letters

Avoid using of too many italicized, bold and uppercase letters, try to have simple and understandable format of article.

8. Not Clear About Plurals and Possessives

Be very clear with singular and plural words as they make huge idea difference. Even concentrate on possessives which add more clarity to your article.

9. Providing Generic Descriptions

Try to have attractive keyword to connect with Home, About Us, and Contact Us. After providing it reader will be in contact with you every time when he/she needs any information.

10. Not Checking For Inconsistencies

Before putting your article in blog read it thoroughly and check numbered item, hyphenated words, name references, spelling, paragraph breaks. After which when you feel your article is up to mark for readers then only you must post it.

I hope after reading these mistakes, you will not repeat such ones in future.

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  1. Ahsan says:

    Content is the King. You rightly said Grammatical mistakes are the main reasons to become an unsuccessful writers. I’ll always try to follow these basic rules
    Ahsan recently posted..Secure Your Site With Website Defender WordPress SecurityMy Profile

  2. Nice thoughts you provide here. Not paying attention to factual blunders and typos is an significant mistake. Thank you for sharing this wonderful info.
    THE Web Writer recently posted..7 SEO Copywriting Mistakes that Kill Your Web CopyMy Profile

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