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Half of Parents Join Facebook to Creep on Their Kids[Infographics]

Facebook is the best place to share anything and everything. And this thing only leads young generations ending up in trouble so in order to keep a track of the activities most of the parents join Facebook to creep on their kids. So before you read on this post ask a question to yourself that are […]

Apple’s 128GB iPad 4 Launched

You will be surprised to hear that Apple has now added its latest 128GB iPad to the Apple Store. And if you are looking to order then you can very well do that by going to Apple’s official site where it promises to ship in 3 days. The price is a bit high but according to your […]

How Social Media Could Land You Your Next Job

Now a day’s use of Social Media like Facebook and Twitter has grown up like anything even child is so familiar to it. By Social Media we are trying to reach our basic needs to a better extent. Since sites are very famous and known to everybody. In terms of professionalism, we will look How Social […]

Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2013

Android Smartphones has become the most common and famous thing among the youngsters. It has reached to the top in terms of popularity and usage and has given various important and useful things to digital world. Android has reached in every part of field, in short span which none of operating system has done till date. […]

Best Tips on How To Kiss A Girl or A Boy For The First Time

The young generations today wants to seal the deal with a kiss on the lips. But in order to succeed you need to know the best way to kiss a girl/boy for the first time in life. And if you are in the hunt of some Tips on How To kiss a boy or a […]

Top 5 Best Women Safety Smartphone Applications

Today, almost every other women possess Smartphones and Gadgets which has the latest Technology in them. But the Technology is of no use if it cannot save your life. There are many women who work late and gets home by themselves alone. It is a matter of serious concern after what the world has seen Delhi girl’s […]

How Facebook Get To Know Your Love Secrets [Infographic]

Facebook is one Social Media site that everyone loves on this planet and almost every other person has a personal account who shares his/her status, pics, day today going and every other possible thing that you could think of, because there is no end of thoughts. And in this new Technology world these days Social Media […]