Track Your Friends and Family with Google Latitude

There is no life without friends and family. Friends and family play a very vital role in your life. Both are important in every situation of life. So when you’re out on tour or for business work or any other reason. When you return back you don’t find them at home or in office.

To track your friends and family Google has come with new Application called “Latitude”. Google Latitude Technology is very simple and most portable to use it. You can use this Application in various ways like in mobile devices like:

  • Android-powered devices, like T-Mobile G1
  • iPhone and iPod touch devices (coming soon)
  • All color BlackBerry devices
  • All  Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices
  • All  Symbian S60 devices (Nokia smart phones)
  • Java-enabled (J2ME) mobile phones, such as Sony Ericsson devices (coming soon)

By using Application in above Gadgets you can track your friends and family. If at all you don’t these Gadgets no need to worry, Google has provided another way of using this service. You can directly download this Application into your system. Start installing and you can track friends and family by your PC. This service can be used only in 27 countries currently.

Further updating of this Application for many countries is going on. This service will be available all over world in due course of time. Sometimes many people want to keep their visiting secret. Google has also given option for keeping your location secret. Even you can see who is watching your location. There are many privacy keeping ways in Google Latitude.

If you don’t want, Google to track your position just you can click on hide option in your Application. Every time when you use this Application just update it. In General this is the most amazing Application to track your friends and family.


  1. Ahsan says:

    I have no such kinds of device you added here. But it is a great service by Google to know where the family members are at present now

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