Top 7 Best Gadget Fashion By The Celebrities

Celebrities are known for their fashion statements and after that fashion statements are tend to be followed by their crazy fans. If you want just to be like your celebrity who owns many cools gadgets then you must see this list of Top 10 Best Gadget Fashion By The Celebrities.

Retro Cellphone Handset Attachment

Gwyneth Paltrow was seen with a Retro Cellphone Handset Attachment to his mobile handset which was like an old school look but really cool though. It also helps to reduce radiations which come out from mobile.

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

This Flip Ultra HD Camcorder gadget is used by many celebrities and is super sleek and portable which can record HD videos. It is easy to operate, small and very portable to carry around. Oprah Winfrey owns it.


iPod are common these days and is almost with everyone but it does make a fashion statement for the celebrities who just love to have it. The action star Will Smith has this gadgets range series from iPod Shuffle to iPod Touch.

Gold Plated 32 GB Apple iPod Touch

This Gold Plated 32 GB Apple iPod Touch with gold all around adds extra look to his/her celebrity fashion statement. The legendary soccer player David Beckham this little beauty.

BlackBerry Mobile Phone

BlackBerry Mobile Phones are so into the market in this techno world and common with celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton.  BlackBerry Mobile Phone can also used as PDA’s by the celebrities.

£500,00 Security System

500,000 Pounds Security System? Well that’s heck of a lot of money to spend on. But Simon Cowell has this security installed in his luxurious pad in Beverley Hills. Strangers may want to think twice before they can sneak in.

Polaroid GL 10 Instant Mobile printer

A controversial report stating Lady GaGa is the director at Polaroid and helped to create this Polaroid GL 10 Instant Mobile printer. It can print all sorts of photos from your mobile phone easily how cool is that?

Money can buy anything so these expensive gadgets are owned by the celebrities it’s not like you can’t buy. You can too if you have enough money to spend on and become the fashion trendy for all.


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    I am looking forward to know which gadget is used by Christiano Ronaldo. But its a amusing post to know some famous stars gadget
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