Top 7 Best Coolest Google I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Were you think you’re getting bored while searching stuffs in Google and still wanted to have some fun, then Google really gives you a chance. Google googly makes you enact a little in a puzzled manner, but it depicts how to revolve in an interesting manner during searches. There are beautiful tricks which Google really gives a googly but really it looks amazing to play with.

Google Gravity

You just type Google gravity in search click on I’m Feeling Lucky. It really makes your full website to be same as such but crashed down upon from the top to bottom and become in a slope fashion. The search bar and the tool box is working, you can search after and see the page will again crash into in a very fast motion but show the page.

Google Sphere

Where you thinking of putting revolving search, turn around and rotating searches, then this it. Just go to the search bar, write Google sphere and click on I’m Feeling Lucky, and it makes your page to be all within like rotation form and all moving round in circles. All the searches will still be done easily, and all the labels will be kept rotating one by one as such.

Google lmgtfy

This trick really makes you play up with let me Google it. This is to make you search any files into through Google as by a way of let me Google to for yourself or your own self. Search any crap in Google and just hit the first link and see what happens.

Google X4

Just writ This will open a Google site with four search options. You can make links to be presented into four times, and still open the same page as such with searches and all.


If you notice it clearly you will see that it is just the palindrome of Google or reversely presented name of Google. When you write this on search and check, then you will see the page will be presented, but the labels will be all in a reversed form. All words are going to be represented in a reverse manner, even if you search things, they will arrive in a reverse manner.

Find chuck Norris

Try this by your self. This is a way of making a Norris lookup when you make a direct search via entering it on the Google search box. After you done with search way, they will represent a page which says that you were not searching for such a title but they were searching about through the way you discussed for it.

Google gothic

This is a version of gothic representation page given through as Google gothic for all the gothic fans.


  1. Thanks For Google Amazing Tricks its very useful for me 🙂 i like it
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  2. Admin says:

    glad you liked them Sandeep
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