Top 6 Basic Tips To Stay Safe on Public Computers

In today’s Technology world, surfing on internet is becoming very common. People have Smartphones, Gadgets, Laptops, Tablets and many more devices for getting in touch with internet. But still once in a lifetime I’m sure most of you would have used public computers for at least some purpose, it may be for checking mails, booking any tickets or just for social networking. Do you really think your personal data is safe over these public computers? I don’t think so. So here are some Top Tips to stay safe on public computers.

  • When you login to your email through any public computer, be careful don’t forget to disable the username and password features. When you are in hurry and you want to leave this public computer, don’t forget to logout the account. Please don’t close browser window without closing or login out your account.
  • Never ever move from your public computer when your process over computer is going on. Never leave your system idle and go out for some other purpose. If you want to go in any emergency condition try to close all your email, videos, pictures and any important data which you were doing in process.
  • Whenever you use public computer make sure around you don’t have so many people. Or else in public some person might be watching and will be collecting important information regarding your work without knowing you. Many times this public browsing center has their own set of groupies and regular visitors who know how to watch new customer over their data usage.
  • Whenever you face any emergency then only make use of public computers. After using those computers delete those browsing site and email id also from the history, cache and temp folders.
  • When you go for surfing data in internet just check out your address bar. Links which you enter should be in format of HTTPS. Use only secured WI-FI connection with good surfing connection and as well as speed. When you don’t WI-FI switch off device.
  • Please try to avoid using public computer for private usage. Private usage like your bank account number, PIN number, or even social security number, when you share this information or by just typing in data, keylogger(a type of software which tracks keys pressed over keyboard) will just pick up that private information leading to misusage.


  1. Ahsan says:

    well written tips on tech safety. Generally i try to avoid using public computer. But when I use I am very much cautious on using my password in email & other sites
    Ahsan recently posted..Less Than A Month Until the iPhone 5 LaunchMy Profile

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