Top 5 Best Things To Do When Really Bored

Are you really bored up with lifetime circle? When you don’t have work to do or you’re feeling very in secured or bored up. So you have searched right post here, you may get our right way to do time pass. This is my own top 5 things which do when I really feel I am bored up. Few things will look weird but when you experience it, you will feel amazing after that so have a look.

1. Play Online Games

Wow this is most of people like me just loves playing games online. Call up your friends to come online have small LAN connection by which you can play number of games which will be big time pass and will fresh your mind.

2. Look At Some Pictures

Try to go online look at picture of various kinds of categories. There are lots of sites which have amazing and cool picture which remind you about your any past memory or any kind funny moments with your family or friends.

3. Watch Videos

If you’re bored up watching picture you switch over to videos. You have number site to browse video on entertainment, movies, news, and technology. Even you can see funniest video and you kill your time. Consecutively you will exercise your mind also.

4. Surf The Internet

Surfing net is most common type of time pass. Like how you have searched article you can even read such other post on my other site which will increase your knowledge and even your time will be used for good thing. You will learn lot of things.

5. Chat with God

Few times I am really bored with staying alone in home. I just log into site called chat with god. Actually when you post something this site automatically will reply you. Actually there is amazing program behind this site which is working continuously for 24/7. I saw program five years back which I felt so amazing. But now this works really cool compared to that advancement it works nicely.

so these are my best and top 5 time pass ideas so what are yours? well what ever it may be but these ideas really removes your boredom for sure.


  1. I used to search my name on Google and searching how many peoples are really knowing me by name.
    Ha ha however you provided other timepass option here:D

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