Some of the Top and Cool Internet Facts That You Must Know

There are so many contents in the Internet which users would like to know and some which are really fantastic. There are many things up which really makes you learn about all the stuffs if you never had any thinking about it. There are many vivid things which you must learn and they are given as below:

Internet Traffic

  • There is scarce amount worldwide who are using Internet, at most 25% people are connecting to it.
  • The country which has the most usage in worldwide is Sweden, almost around 70 percentile are using it.
  • Many of mails which are being forwarded are being a spam contents, and those are really a worse thing and cause lot of issues in your inbox.


  • The main Websites have lots of free web servers and domains which can be used in ease and are being done daily.
  • Most of small Websites with .com are many registered daily and are mostly accounted highly.
  • There are many servers and domains being used up by one single person and it’s said as to be the higher usage person.


  • There are millions of Websites worldwide, and many of them are daily visited as such for common uses and also for useful purposes.
  • There are millions of blogs even which are daily being uploaded, many updated daily and also visited for perfect downloads and uploads.
  • There are many business Websites daily being put on recommendations and more used up.


  •  Google is a search web guide for users to find any Website description, links and perfect forms of getting good information.
  • Even Google gears up to give all the dialects about guides, places, positions and locations.
  • Google even gives all the perfect guides according to the small keywords and a single word to being entered by the user.


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