Simple Ways on How To Type Fast With Your Keyboard

Many people around this Technology globe face this problem of typing slow with their keyboard and looks for many solutions to it. Finds many but fails to do so. Most of the youngsters spend their time chatting on Facebook and feels really bad if the person on the other side says “Hey are you still alive there to reply me”, hilarious isn’t it all because you type slow and face many typing problems.

Well here in this Web Guide on How To Type Fast With Your Keyboard. I will give you all the necessary Tips and Tricks that will not only help you to type faster with your keyboard but also will free you from all the Health problems related to it like pain in the neck, back pain and all the other visibility problems which fewer people are exposed to.

Finger Positions On The Keyboard

If you wanna write faster with your keyboard like a bolt of lightening then you must use all the ten fingers for it. All you gotta learn is to place your fingers correctly on the keyboard as shown in the image below; this is the basic step of typing. Each finger has an access to different key which allows you to type faster rather than typing with only two or three fingers.

You can start typing slow and steady with all the fingers. Don’t be in a hurry it’s just the first lesson, have some patience. You can always follow the line “The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Sleeping Grizzly Bear” for typing faster with the keyboard because this sentence has all the 26 alphabets of English which are present on keyboard. So Practice hard

Type Without Looking At The Keyboard

Once you have practiced the 26 alphabets line then it will become easy for you to type a little faster. And now for the next important step, try to type without looking at the keyboard. It will surely not gonna be an easy task, so just memorize the layout of the keyboard letters.

Now start typing, but if you make mistake then try to slow down have a calm breath and in simple words try it once more. Repeat this process for few days with at least 15 min. daily. And guess what your typing speed will increase dramatically.

Online Websites For Typing Lessons

One of the Best Website over the web is it is a typing test speed practice site, just give it a try and you will be amazed to see how quickly you are developing into a typing master. In this site there are some 15 typing lessons to learn from with modes such as easy and complicated. is yet another site you can have a look at to practice typing online for free. So folks fasten you seat belts and get ready to amaze your friends and families by your lightning fast typing speed.


  1. Felicia says:

    I was a transcriptionist before I started blogging which is why I can type around 75 wpm. Practice is the key to learning how to type fast, and be sure that you use 9 of your fingers (one of your thumbs for the spacebar).
    Felicia recently posted..2012 WSOP: Doyle Brunson plans on playing 4-5 events this yearMy Profile

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