How To Quit Facebook Addiction

Facebook the ultimate and the most popular Social Media site that has taken the world by surprise. At the beginning you must have opened an account just to stay in touch with your friends on families.

But as the time passed it must have become a disease for you to quit it. It just attracts you like a magnet as if it is calling you-“Come and Check Me Out”!

If you are desperate to quit Facebook and don’t have any other way to do so, then you must read these Tips on How To Quit Facebook Addiction Forever.

Admit Your Addiction

The very first thing you need to do is just keep track of what you do on Facebook and after you spend or should I say waste an hour or more.  After you done logging out just ask yourself a question what did you just accomplish? According to me, you would have probably logged in to see the Facebook Pokes, Notifications, a new Friend Request, some Photo Tags and all the other useless crap that exist on it. So recording your Facebook activities can realize how much time you waste by doing nothing informative.

Define Your Purpose

You’ve got to make a list on actually what you get out of the time spent on this Social Media site. Define your purpose or goal on Facebook. Why did you initially Sign Up for Facebook? So that you can remember your friends’ birthday, meet new people with similar interest or to make a girl friend to whom you really never met in life? Whatever the purpose may be just make sure you stick onto the goal instead of going off track with other useless activities, you must have understood what I am talking about. Smart eh?

Make A Schedule

I know it is very difficult to quit Facebook Social Media Network. But as they say you just can’t accomplish a thing in just one day. But it needs some planning and scheduling. So better make a schedule on the time you spend on Facebook everyday. It will definitely help you out to quit this addiction. You can start like, you can check out on your friend’s activities and other “useless things” everyday by spending not more than 15 min. Note: don’t spend more than that.

Utilize Your Time Wisely Than Wasting On Facebook

Just think of the time and other things that you could do than spending and wasting time on Facebook. Control your mind and do other things that could make you go off the track of Facebook Social Media. Spend time with the friends and family, go for outing and if possible go for shopping. And as soon as you return from the outing it doesn’t mean you could just upload the pics that you just took on the little journey you just made. Tricky eh?

You can also do a part time job like taking tuitions for small children, socialize people in real life, read a book, clean your room and all the other undone works like your “Homework” or other useful work.

Well I guess these Tips on How To Quit Facebook Social Media site Addiction will surely help you.


  1. Ahsan says:

    Facebook addiction is increasing day by day. I am not sure where it will go in the upcoming years. But i think most users misuse it. As you said every user must use it in a systematic way. He should make schedule. otherwise, it is good for nothing
    Ahsan recently posted..Join Official Google Plus AdSense PageMy Profile

  2. Liane Markus says:

    For me , there is nothing wrong in using facebook but being addicted to it is no longer healthy, We should really make schedules when using facebook. Thank you for this eye opening blog of yours,
    Liane Markus recently posted..ppq holstersMy Profile

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