How To Fix The Blue Screen Error

Sometime when you are working on your PC, Windows automatically gets shutdown and restarts. At that time you see the ‘Blue Screen Error’, which known as the ‘Blue Screen of Death Error’. This error is commonly seen in Window’s computers. As this is the indication that your system has recovered from very serious problem, until you fix this problem your PC won’t function properly. Here are Tips on How To Fix The Blue Screen Error.

Check the Safe Mode

In this step, you will check how this blue screen problem has occurred whether, it is due to Software problem or Hardware problem. Turn off system then again restart the system in safe mode, if system starts correctly in safe mode without crashing. Then problem is in your Software, which you can fix from steps given below. If system starts in safe mode with blue screen again then there is a problem in your Hardware that must be checked by special technician.

Uninstall the Guilty Party Program

Most of the time blue screen error is caused due to some specific Software which may be by installed newly on your system. Some Software like games or recently installed Software makes this error. If you try to pin point those Software and uninstall it, then by restarting your system your problem may be cleared. Many times solution to this error lies in this problem only, by just uninstalling it, you may recover your system. Perhaps some times finding program which has caused such error is little bit harder. In such cases you can try out next step.

Clean the Registry

As you have seen that your system still has blue screen error which is not solved by the above steps. It means main cause problem is started from registry. Registry is central part of computer where database of all settings of PC and which all information needs to run PC are present, this is most important part of windows based PC.

You must fix this registry as soon as possible before whole system gets crash. Now you need to buy or get some registry cleaner, as this program will automatically scan to your registry and fix error files in correct manner. This can be done by just detecting old registries which are of no use. A good registry cleaner with most efficient function will make your system run faster and will be reliable to your system.


  1. Akos Fintor says:

    I had that blue screen pop up after my computer shut down and restarted.
    I actually have a 24/7 support from cyberdefender, and they told me it’s because my operation system (windows xp) was not properly installed. So I just re-installed the program and now my machine is running like a champ.

    Thanks for the help. I’m pretty sure many people are faced with this big annoying blue screen 🙂


    • Admin says:

      hey Akos! you are correct this error is faced almost by every user once in a while and i have faced a lot of times. its a good thing you have a 24/7 support. thank you for stopping by. cheers )

  2. Shrinivas says:

    Even using torrent clients with slow internet speed causes bluescreen. Nice post.
    Shrinivas recently posted..Now withdraw Your Fiverr Revenue Directly to Your Bank AccountMy Profile

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