How to Create a Website

Website or blogging world is booming with lots of bloggers and website builders. Here, is what creativity really matter with making lots of strategies in building blogs along with your writing skills. Basically Website is built-up with a series of web pages which is connected to World Wide Web. Here is what I am going to discuses about How to Create a Website. Here are steps follows with lots of understanding with basic knowledge of computer.


Hosting is basically all sites get their birth means all sites get their pure form of hosting. There are many kinds of hosting like Free Web hosts, Standard Web hosting, Dedicated, Virtual, and Shared Hosting. Free web hosting is basically used for personal purpose, but this doesn’t work for lots of stuff when you want to include in your site. Other types of hosting are really good dedicated up to their own requirement.

Do You Need a Domain Name?:

Domain is basically describes your brand or purpose or site which is made for. Basically there are two kinds of hosting free hosting and even paid hosting plans. In paid hosting plans you can decide about your domain name and get hosted according to your plan convenience. You can start up your brand domain and make some logo for it.

Plan Your Website:

Once you brand name have chosen, start planning your website design, what has to be written in your web pages and much more. Site must not look with lots of stuff in single page. Along with ads get merged inside it looks really messy work. It shows that you’re not clear about your idea which you publish in website. So visitor cannot figure out your work which you have done, so try to be clear.

 Build Your Website Page by Page:

To create new Web Pages  you have to write new pages every day with lots of new idea. To get new idea you have to get much familiar with your brand which you have hosted. You can even publish site using HTML codes if you’re more familiar with computer languages. Try to add good design and links to your site so that it gives complete information.

Publish Your Website:

Publish is to get updated your site with your client who has given domain name and hosting. Get all your publish tool from that client and start publishing to all hosting service which is given to you. Contact your website service provider for more detailed way of hosting your domain.

Promote Your Website:

After getting publish start promoting your website through search engine optimization or SEO. It looks little difficult but it cost noting and gives you positive results day by day. If you keep working everyday surely you will be paid for it no doubt about it. Another way of publish is social networking, Emails, word of mouth and advertising.

Maintain Your Website:

Next tip is very important tip which is to maintain all the above tips in correct and updated way of working on it. Maintain each and every topic of website with updated. Little it sounds boring but don’t forget your ultimate goal you have to keep updating website everyday you get better market and rank.

Surely above tips are going to work perfectly well for How to Create a Website.

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