Home Remedies on How To Cure Dengue

Dengue is one of the most dreadful diseases which is known as breakbone fever. This disease is infectious and caused by dengue virus. When a person is attacked by dengue fever, the symptoms which person suffers are fever, headache, muscle and joint pains. This disease is caused by mosquito and four different type of effect we notice after this disease. Here I have discussed Home Remedies on How To Cure Dengue By Neem-Papaya Juice.

First one, a person becomes lifelong immune to this disease, second one, short period of time you become immune to this disease. But while you undergo this dreadful disease you face lot of difficulty with time. According to TOI there were more than 37000 dengue cases were noticed. There were 227 deaths cases in country and still scientists were searching for medicine.

home remedy for dengue fe

Finally Dengue came to an end when common prevention method was followed. This method was originated from grandma’s antidote which is being made from ancient times. It is herbal mixture of two powerful juices which fight against this disease. When a mixture of Papaya leaf and neem or hill neem leaves are mixed a good antidote is made.

Many Dengue effected were given this juice, suddenly positive changes started getting noticed in the body of patients. Scientist conducted test for those people, result which came out. There are terrific changes in patient cells, symptoms were getting down and recovery of patients was very fast when compared to other patients.

Resulted information which made scientist conformed that cells of patients were getting immune to virus. After two days, cells of dengue patients were not affected. Virus which was present in the body of patient got neutralized and blocked virus from entering new cells of body.

Finally government decided to make Anti-dote of this juice and made available for all the needy ones. This grandma’s antidote is really successful one and started saving many life of people in country. So here we come to know that herbal medicine is really helpful in saving lives.

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