Health Tips: 90% of World Population Suffering from Headache

One of the common Health issue which is faced by almost every single person on earth is Headache. Over 90% of the People are facing this critical Health problem. Some of the stats given below will give you an idea on various types of headaches and their treatments.

90% People – Occasional Headache
75% People – Several Episodes of Headache
50% People – Severe Headache
25% People – Severe Recurring Headache
12% People – Migraine headache
4% People – Chronic Daily Headache

These data with the Percentage of Headache from which people are suffering daily. Some  other types of Headache may be of these types which you may have faced.


Tension Headache
Migraine Headache
Sinus Headache
Cluster headache
Chronic Daily Headache

If you get headache on daily basis then it is better to consult your doctor.  And if you are from the list of people who face these problems on continuous basis then you can follow some of the tips given below for eradicating it.

Relaxing & Resting
Ice Pack
Moderate Exercise
Dietary Supplements
Diet, Multiple Small Meals

If you follow these Health Tips on regular basis then you will find that your headache problem is slowly vanishing off and would never ever comes back. But it is not so easy and it is not a one night process. Some times it could take a long time to take effect so you have to be patience.  You can also comment in the comment box below to let us know which kind of problem you are facing and what sort of preventive measures you have been taking these far. You could look around various Health posts in our blog which contains various Home Remedies for various Health issues which are faced commonly by people and has got many simple solutions for them.

Source: Mount Sinai


  1. Ahsan says:

    I think headache is common for everyone & as you mentioned Tension Headache has most of the people.

    Nice to see the brief infographic

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