Health Facts of Drinking Water on Empty Stomach Which Cures All Diseases

We all know that water is very essential for human beings to live but who would have though that it could have unlimited Health facts. Yes I am sure most of you are unaware about the benefits of drinking water on empty stomach. This routine of drinking water on empty stomach is very popular in Japan. And now it is also scientifically proven about its Health benefits. It is very helpful to get rid of diseases which are listed below as:

body pain , fast heart beat, asthma, TB, headache, urine diseases, arthritis vomiting, piles, diabetes, constipation,  eye diseases, epilepsy, fatness, womb, gastritis, diarrhea, cancer, kidney, menstrual disorders, ENT and many more. Read on this very popular Home Remedy to know more.

drinking water on empty stomach

Treatment Method:

1. As soon as you wake up in the morning drink 500ml of water without brushing your teeth.

2. After that you can brush but it is advisable not to eat or drink anything for the next 45 mins.

3. And once the time period of 45 minutes is over you can eat and drink.

4. After finishing your breakfast, lunch and dinner you must not eat or drink anything for the next 2 hrs.

5. If you are a very old person or a sick person and unable to drink 4 glasses of water, then you can begin by having some amount and then gradually increasing its quantity by 4 glasses per day.

6. If you follow the above 5 steps then you will be cured from all kinds of diseases and can enjoy a Healthy life.

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Here is the list of diseases with no. of days to cure with the above method:

  1. High Blood Pressure- in 30 days
  2. Diabetes – in 30 days
  3. Constipation – in 30 days
  4. Cancer – in 180 days
  5. Gastric – in 10 days
  6. TB – in 90 days

 Important Note: if you are Arthritis patient then you have to follow the above treatment method only for 3 days in the 1st week, and you can continue daily from the 2nd week onwards.

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I hope the above method help you and cure the diseases as soon as possible and make you a Healthy person again. If you want to express your thoughts then you can very well comment below.


  1. abhal.k.muliyasiya says:

    my prob..ges high b.p..& im not fress .plz my help tonic

    • Admin says:

      for any tonic you can consult doctor. But a natural way to control BP is to eat less amount of salt in food and drink at least 6 ltrs of water daily. And dont take any tension.

  2. kishan puri says:

    Thanks for giving this information

  3. Omprakash Khetrapal says:

    You r doing good job Congratulation

  4. Ajay Nayyar says:

    Good Information I will try this

  5. Monu says:

    Good tip to helth

  6. rajiv pareek says:

    thanks for this health is wealth agar health hai to sub ka sukh uta sakte ho warna sub bakar hai

  7. Suresh says:

    Thanks 4 sharing such a precious advice which i will follow &tell to others

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