Do’s and Don’ts to Lead Healthy Life during Old Age

Today life is getting too workolic and more stressful. Leading happy and Healthy Life in old age is little challenging? To make your way easy here are  some the best and top Health Tips and Health Facts which will make you evergreen young even in the old age.


  • Light physical exercise not exceeding 30 minutes in morning and evening walk along with other light exercise like jogging etc.
  • Daily routine work for about 4 hours with break up and not at regular pace.
  • After every physical work or activity rest for at least 30 minutes should be taken.
  • One should sleep at least sleep for 6 hours night followed by about one hour during mid day.
  • Meals should always be taken after every 4-5 hours interval.
  • Meals should be light and easily digestible.
  • Morning meals should include items like grit (barley, wheat) with milk or honey and fruit juice. Wheat bread should be preferred and small quality of rice may be taken.
  • Green vegetables like round cucumber, trumpet, bitter guard, Spinach, Turnip, sweet beet should preferably be used for Healthy Life.
  • Pulses namely red gram and green gram, may be taken.
  • All seasonal fresh fruits should be taken. The fruits like Apple, pomegranate, Papaya, Prunes and orange should preferably be consumed.
  • Dry fruit namely; Almond, Edible Pine, Pistachianut, Apricot, Date, fig, Raisin should be taken regularly for Healthy Life.


  • Avoid Heavy physical exercise of long duration.
  • Continuous work for hours at a time can be cut down.
  • Regular physical/ mental burden try to avoid it.
  • Excessive sleep and lack of sleep should be avoided.
  • Heavy meals and frequently intake should be avoided and duration between two meals should not be much longer.
  • Heavy and indigestible items should be avoided. Fried items like paratha, puri, kachori, and strong tea etc. should be avoided.
  • Intake of large quantity of rice must be lower.
  • Vegetables like Cauliflower, brinjal, jack fruit, broad bean, Lady’s finger, Peas, and beans etc should be avoided for Health Life.
  • Beef and mutton should be avoided.
  • Fruits and sour taste should be avoided.
  • Dry fruits like walnut, cashew nut, and ground nut should be avoided.
  • Pulses like gram, French bean, black gram, lentil should be avoided.


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