Best and Top Tips on How To Control Your Anger

Anger may lead to any kind of situation in life. Here a true story happened sometime ago; a tired husband came home around eight ‘O’ clock in the night. He sat down for dinner, but before he could start eating, his wife came asking “have you bought the kerosene? How could you forget it? Every day you promise, but you come without getting it. Get it as soon as possible!” the wife spoke these words at a wrong time, since the tired husband got extremely angry & slapped his wife on her face.

Fuming with anger, his wife took all her four children who were younger than eight years & went out of house. The husband was also in the state of anger, he dint even stopped them. She took everyone out of the town outside where was well. She threw everyone in the well and even she also jumped into it. All five of them were dead. That is why in spiritual world, we say ’anger is as dangerous as fire’.

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Home Remedies and Solution To Control Anger:

  • When you are very angry, just leave that place; go away for some time and start counting from 1 to 10.
  • Drink a glass of cold water or start studying, go & sit down or lie down for some time.
  • While doing this, keep one resolution in your mind that the anger is melting, it is calming down.
  • Say this sentence again and again and then spread this moonlight all over your forehead.
  • Visualize and feel that your forehead is filled with bright white light. Feel this, for about three minutes and feel calmness in each and every tinest part of your body. Feel the calmness inside you and enjoy it.
  • One needs to be humble to ask for forgiveness and needs to be generous to give it.
  • Because of anger our eyesight goes dim and our mouth opens wide.
  • Worry, anger, tension, disappointment these all are he diseases of expectations.
  • Observing silence is best remedy to control anger. Though one capable is capable of giving a punishment, but instead when he forgives, only then he is called a true human being.


  1. Ahsan says:

    Valuable tips to make an angry man in quiet mood

  2. Thanks for sharing great insights. I like your post. For me mindfulness works better than anything. Mindfulness means simply watch your anger. Just become more alert and watchful. Anger is a sleepy state. In anger you lose your consciousness. The solution is simply become more conscious. Anger is like darkness. Bring some light of awareness to this darkness and the darkness will disappear. In the presence of alertness anger simply disappears. Then you don’t have to control or supress your anger.
    meditation guru recently posted..How to control anger?My Profile

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