10 Healthy Habits for Your Family

There are a few things which should be taught at a young age and here are 10 Healthy habits for your family.

Hand wash:

Encourage your children to wash their hands with soap before and after every meal. This helps to prevent a lot of allergies. As your kids come in contact with dust and pets when they play, the chances of being affected with infectious germs are more. Hence hand wash is necessary.

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Healthy diet:

Follow a healthy diet which has all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals in the appropriate amount. This gives the whole family, immunity against various diseases. Include fresh juice and vegetables with a good amount of ripe fresh fruits.


It is important that your family stays organised. This will help in the long run. Organise the daily schedule and change it every week. Dinner timings, study hours etc. can be decided. This way, you can have ample time for family bonding.

healthy habits


All work and no play makes any child dull. This applies to adults as well. Show your children that exercise could be fun and not boring. Change exercise routines regularly and come up with fun routines or learn a new dance style with your children.

Moderation is the key:

Moderation is the key. Take everything in moderate amounts. Whether it is food, exercise, fun or anything else, you need to know when to limit it. Too much intake of food may lead to severe health problems, obesity being one amongst them.

Outdoor activities:

Go outdoors at least once in a week. Shut down your computers, laptops, switch off the cell phones and enjoy quality time bonding with family. Go out on weekend trips, camping trips or adventure trips.

Importance of savings:

This is a healthy habit that you can teach your children by being an example. Teach them the importance of savings and finance. Let them be responsible and this is possible only when you discipline them and teach them the importance of finance.

Go organic:

Organic food is healthier and better when compared to the others. You can grow vegetables in your backyard and have your own organic garden. This way you can be sure that you eat fresh vegetables which are nature’s best gift without polluting it with harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Recycle things:

It is essential to do your bit and protect the environment.  Give back to the earth what you take by recycling paper, bottles and other products. Teach your child to save electricity and fossil fuels.

Maintain communication:

Maintain good communication with your family members. Even if your children live in hostel or abroad, ensure to be in contact. Use the latest available Technology.

Raising children is difficult especially if you have a low income. It is your responsibility to take care of all the needs of your child whether financial or health or any. If you are unable to, you have a solution as there are government policies which will help you. Try child tax credits to lessen your burdens.


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