Top 10 Best Blogging Types To Start a Huge Career

People think of career they can start with, but Blogging is such a field which really opens up lot of surfaces to speak about it. A Blog is nothing but a bulletin or a small diary filled with details and features. The Blogs are of various types and before starting the Blogging works, people should know the categories the Blogs have. So folks engage into this Blogging Guide on Top 10 Best Blogging Types to Start a Huge Career.

1. Insight Blogging

You have lots of topics in any fields; you might have faced them or might have experienced certain actuations through them, so here you can share your own ideas and thinking’s about a topic.

 2.  Ambition Blogging

It’s a way of dealing with certain personalities which can receive at any amount and be materialised to a decisive person or human being.

3. Meme Blogging

It is a way of demands of discussion of results of what you have achieved by executing a particular activity and challenges others by the way they have resulted into them.

4. Piggyback Blogging

Guarding higher attentions to news and descriptions, which are being on the livewire in newspapers and other broadcasting channels and these discussion can let you have more receivers into your guide for reading.

5. Life Blogging

Relevance of the activities you have held upon into your life can be enumerated and discussed over into Blogs. More types of discussions, how you had gone through things can be brought up out here.

6. Detractor Blogging

It is a way of making you assure how the different products, gadgets, your life discussion can be brought up with their anonymities. You can mention about futuristic descriptions, how you can reverse the bad effects of a product in an environment and other consequences which might even be in your life.

7. Brand Blogging

You might have seen lots of upcoming things in the market and would have been fascinated to discuss about it, its descriptions and features and make others aware of it.

8. Video Blogging or Vlogging

    Well Video Blogging or should I say the cool Vlogging is so in now days, make your own interesting nice videos and put them in your posts and that others might learn which can be essential as knowledge to them.

9. Photo Blogging

The way of making documentary of photos as an album book and make a copy of generating various activities occurrence you or others had with you.

10.  Link Blogging

This is such a type where you can have set of golf course ways to transit varied locations to impart greater way of connectivity to other things as a way of linking process.


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