Sony Introduces Latest Z Series Lightweight Power Laptops with More Features

Are you screwed with your old Laptops which consume most of your battery power and have become a burden over you because of more weight and goes down when you really need them? Are you looking for a better laptop features that even includes lightweight and better battery life? Then you have landed on the correct spot to find one.

In business life generally people makes use of Smartphones but they can’t replace the awesome features that a Laptop provides. Recently Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops are introduced with more features and lightweight power.

Features of Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops

  • The thickness of these series laptops is very sleek and thin which measures about less than a 0.5 inch.
  • Portable external docking station is preloaded in these new Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops.
  • Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops also includes added memory and processing capabilities to thrill you.
  • Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops starts at the selling range of around $1999 and comes with the ultra portable lightweight features.
  • The sleekest form factor along with powerful fast processor, memory and connections options.
  • These latest and new Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops are a bit expensive for users when it comes to a fitted out model that can run close to $2,500.
  • Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops are available in the market with 13-inch screen size with many other features to look for.
  • When it comes to the weight then it weighs less than a pound and portable and easy to carry everywhere with better battery life.
  • The powerful processor has option to upgrade to a newer version and currently provides running speed of about 2.30 GHz along with 1 GB of video memory.
  • An optical drive is also provided as usual for playing various CDs and DVDs.
  • Ability to switch normal graphics to more powerful graphics using docking stations features.
  • Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops are more flexible than any other laptop in the market.
  • Can connect to multiple external monitors for viewing and has the ability to support two HDM connectors.
  • The amazing striking feature is that it is made up of distinctive carbon fiber skin laid over an aluminum case.

So folks don’t miss out this latest Sony VAIO Z Series Laptops with more features than ever.

It may be a bit costly but it is worth by the features and design it provides.


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