How To Make a Girl/Boy Love You If You Like Her/him

Just now saw a girl and you fell in love with them as a “Love in First Sight”. This is very common these days with the teenagers. In olden days people spent years to express their love to someone they like or to someone they have crush on. Liking someone is a normal thing. But getting to know them and making them to love is a very difficult task. It’s a universal truth that you cannot force someone to love you but you can give a try to make them fall into love by the following Tips given in this article.

Note: These Tips are only for True Love and not for time pass.


Love Tips:

  • If you are a student then you can start by sitting next to them and if she is not your classmate then you can sit next to them in the break time in the canteen. The best place to sit near your love is to sit near or in front of them but if you sit behind of them then there is no point because your crush isn’t likely to turn around.
  • The pretty simple tip is to talk to them. You can look for some stuff to talk about like mutual interest or talk bout family, find common interest etc.
  • And the golden tip is become friends with their friends. Get to know each other and then start hanging out with their friends so automatically your love will also hang out as they are their friends and by this way you can also spend time.
  • The common mistake people do is acting uninterested. So don’t do this mistake and make sure you focus on your love partner.
  • If possible try to spend time with them alone. As being surrounded with friends your crush may not get to know you well.
  • If you are sure about your crush that they like you then ask them out for a movie, hang out, long drive, ice cream parlor, walk in a park etc.


  1. Upendra singh says:

    Bilkul sahi love tips he but difficult

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