How To Download And Extract Audio From YouTube Videos

Just saw the most amazing video song on the YouTube and you want it on your MP3 player or iPod. But to do that you have to first Download the YouTube video and then use a different Tool to convert it into audio and finally it goes in your music player device. Heck, it’s a long and tiring process. But guess what now you have the option to Download And Extract Audio From YouTube Videos through online without even installing any other third party Software.

ListenToYouTube, this one amazing thing will download the audio from a YouTube video and then using its prebuilt programming it will convert it to an MP3 file. All you got to do is few clicks of the mouse here and there and you are away with a MP3 file and that could also be saved, you can even drag it to your iTunes or MP3 device. Here are the Tips and Tricks on How To Download And Extract Audio From YouTube Videos through online. Just follow the easy steps given below.

extract mp3 from youtube videos online

#1 – Just click, and it will redirect to its homepage where you can see the similar image given above.

#2 – The next thing you have to do is just look out for the link of the video that you like on YouTube and which has to be converted to MP3 file.

#3 – Next, just copy and past the video link into the URL box of the ListenToYouTube dialog box in the home screen.

#4 – Now, it may take a few seconds, and finally the program will fetch the file and grant you with a link that reads “Download MP3.” And once you see it then Click on it. You have to do it one more time the clicking on the link process and it goes to the next page, but the next time, a dialog box will open up to give you the option of the target or destination of your file.

#5 – Well, this is it folks all you have to do is go to the destination file, click, and have fun all the way.

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