How To Build Or Make A Strong Password for Securing Accounts

Is your password entered for any sort of Accounts is  secured enough from other users? Many people think how they can know other people’s password and use it in a different or wrong manner. Many people are on social networking sites like Fcebook, Twitter, Google Plus and much more.

But is your password strong enough to hold your account safe? If not then you are in big mess. There are some tips by following you can make your password stronger and almost zero immune from hacking and it becomes very difficult to crack your password. So here are the steps on how to build or make a strong password.

Password Length

The length of a password should be higher so as to make anonymous user think what type of password it may be. Wherever you login of how to enter within your profile or settings set by you, you can make a password for the login of around 8 to 10 characters. Make more than ten if you think to but see to that how to remember for yourself in a perfect manner and be a perfect for the anonymous user to be puzzled up in it.

Combinations Of Characters, Letters And Numbers

You think of making very long characters to be entered for a password, but do you think will it be easy even to known about it by putting a straight password. In order of how to have no one to have open your password, then mix a lot of characters; use a numeral set and special characters too in between the characters. If you enter all as mixed up, user will keenly be thinking it’s not an easy way to crack it out.


Now you think that users will have a guess as a think. If you think that a straight password has been put up for an id say for example your name itself as a password which is not a good thing in passwords. If you think of how to putting up your password in a secured manner, then think a certain random order which is yet to be thought about rather than to be printed in a first chance. So you have to get a fine password and secured, think for a set of good and puzzled character formation to be fine.


  1. I generally combines latter with numbers along with symbols,that can never be guessed by any users.
    Nice article.
    Bhavesh Sondagar recently posted..How to Get Backlink from YouTubeMy Profile

  2. Ganesan K says:


    Thank you very much for a very nice article for us. keep posting..
    Ganesan K recently posted..Full form of all file extensionMy Profile

  3. Ahsan says:

    Now a days hackers are increasing day by day. So it is important to make password strongest. Most net users think 8-10 characters passwords are enough to save account. They don’t bother inner characters. But you said truly. The password should be combination of alphabets, numbers, symbols etc.
    Ahsan recently posted..Capture Webpage Screenshot With Google Chrome ExtensionMy Profile

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