Health Facts on How To Prevent Headaches

Headache is one common thing that can happen to anyone and at anytime that can ruin your most perfect day. It may occur once-a-week or a rare surprise. It is more common in women and over 22 million of them suffer from headaches and migraines which are regular. You must have tried everything like pills, head massage and every other thing that can get rid of that nasty headache. But have you given a thought on Health Facts on How To Prevent Headaches. Well if not then read on this post to know more about it.

Choose appetizers wisely

You may eat Healthy food but some of them cause gas and trigger those pain veins in your head so avoid food that cause gas and eat more green food like green vegetables. You can have fruit salad also after a good meal to avoid any sort of headache.

prevent headache

Keep to your schedule

You may feel that you get headache only on Monday but it is wrong because you are not keeping up to your schedule. If you don’t eat or drink on time then it is obvious that you will get headache and it can be prevented by having same schedule for eating and drinking on daily basis.

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Breathe deeply

IF you are arguing with somebody like with your partner then it is advisable to take a break and breath deeply and try to calm down for few minutes. I am sure it will definitely help your relationships. so better keep your breathing calm and steady to avoid headache.

Turn off your computer

If you use PC for hours and don’t take breaks then it is pretty much obvious that you will get headache. Bright screen of the PC put strain on your eyes and results in a bad headache. It becomes more if you are seeing any flashing images on Facebook and YouTube. Try to take 10 min break in every 1 hr.

Don’t stay longer at pump

Most of the people are allergic to some sort of scents, that results in a horrible headache. Mainly there are 3 types of smells that trigger headache are gasoline, tobacco, and perfume. So stay away from petrol pumps, smokers and perfumes.

Slip on your cooling glasses

Its a beautiful sunny day and it would be terrible if you get a headache. Sunshine can affect your brain muscles via eyes so in order to stay safe from the glare, you need to put on some polarized sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection.


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